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The Seattle region is experiencing quite a unique set of circumstances — old and new — that are creating unattainable prices for many.

  • Topographical: There’s not much land to go around with lakes and Puget Sound in the way. There are also growth management boundaries. This makes what land is available for housing more expensive.
  • Development: Builders aren’t building enough to meet the housing demand because land is expensive. Labor costs are also up and that adds to the price.
  • Mass transit: Infrastructure, or lack thereof, makes it difficult to get around. So living in a convenient location is more expensive. Time is valuable, and commutes are growing. Buyers are moving farther out from Seattle along the freeways to find housing they can
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Thinking about selling your home? It's important to know how much your property is worth on today's market to choose an appropriate selling price.

The Cascade Team is happy to provide you with everything you want to know about the market in your neighborhood!

Recent Sales Trends
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A Great Way To Stay Up To Date

The Cascade Team Market Report is a great way for buyers and sellers to get informed and stay informed about the real estate market. Buyers can keep an eye on the areas they want to move to. Sellers can see every comparable sale in their neighborhood as they prepare to sell their home. Market Snapshot will come directly to your

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We are very happy to showcase the latest round of results we have achieved for our sellers utilizing our "Prime Marketing Program" A couple of these homes recently closed at more than $300,000 OVER asking price!.... Wow!! 

The Cascade Team provides a full service experience that is a step above; by executing a marketing plan that is unique to your home, rich in technology and high in service.  We leverage the most innovative technological tools to provide the most exposure possible for your home to increase the communication and service to you our client.

P.R.I.M.E. Results

Proprietary. Revolving. Interactive. Marketing. Engagement. | For a 1% Listing Fee

The Cascade Team is the only

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Located in Gilman Village in Issaquah and conveniently right next door to The Cascade Team corporate headquarters, we were very happy to visit our newest neighbor in Issaquah. Masa Mexican Kitchen & Cantina draws a happy crowd with flavorful Mexican-inspired dishes and delicious fresh-pressed juice cocktails


Masa Mexican Kitchen & Cantina grand opening is today August 23rd and is located in the heart of Issaquah, Washington's historic yet trendy Gilman Village. Chef Ryan Shimabukuro's menu has creative twists on crowd favorites as well as quality interpretations of classic dishes.

Masa's friendly staff and inviting atmosphere creates a perfect home away from home to relax and laugh amongst friends while you share deliciously light and

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For more than a decade, Zillow has been a giant in the real estate ad space, but Facebook, armed with a massive audience of 2 billion users, is poised to jump into the pool.

According to a report by, Facebook is launching “Dynamic Ads For Real Estate,” a new advertising feature that could pose a challenge to Zillow’s position in the real estate advertising segment. The Facebook product integrates real estate firms’ existing listing data into the Facebook advertising platform. The ads would compete with Zillow’s product, which allows real estate agents to advertise to prospective homebuyers and sellers on its site, according to the article.

Keith Watts, the head of real estate and financial services at Facebook, said it is using

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An opportunity like this only comes along once in a century... (Someone check.. There must be a total eclipse or something to have talked us into this!)

As Premiere sponsors on The Issaquah Highlands Days 2017 somehow we agreed to run and operate a dunk tank this year! And "YES" I know we could charge for an opportunity like this,  but here is your chance to come by and test out your arm and see if you can make either Matt or I hit the water for FREE!

The Cascade Team is very happy to partner with The Issaquah Highlands and support this wonderful community event. More information on all the fun in addition to our dunk tank below!

Highlands Day Festival 2017

Once Upon a Highlands Day

Once upon a time, in a village on a hillside in the land of Issaquah, the people

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Millennials, 18-35 years old, are dominating the home buying sphere as they are now the largest share of new home buyers.  Their entrance into this sphere, however, has not been easy. Median earnings for Millennials are just 20% of their Baby Boomer parents.  Student debt is at historical highs.  And, with relatively little or no inventory of homes for sale and rising prices, some Millennials may only get to dream about home ownership rather than become home owners.

There are, however, Millennial buyers.  The 2017 State of the Nation’s Housing Report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University indicates that 1.4M Millennials became recent home buyers in 2016.  This is a slight surge from the numbers of Millennial buyers in 2015 but

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Housing demand continues to increase as buyers of all ages tread the waters of home shopping, but real estate agents aren’t as busy writing offers and the key driver for this trend, according to a CNBC report, just might be prices.

Buyers continue to request tours and visit open houses at the same rate as they did in May, but fewer are making an offer. According to Redfin, real estate brokerage which surveyed 15 major metropolitan housing markets, 11 percent fewer potential buyers made offers in June, compared to May. According to Nela Richardson, chief economist at Redfin the same trend is occurring throughout much of the nation.

“In this market, home buyers have to move fast, yet high prices and low inventory are slowing down even the most earnest

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Welcome To The Cascade Team Denise Attebery!


Born and raised in California, I am currently enjoying the different communities and beauty of the great North West.  I am a Real Estate Business Major.  I have a strong skill for listening to the needs and desires of you, the clients, thanks to my Hair Styling career of 20 yrs.  My mission in Real Estate is to commit myself to you, the people of the community, with the utmost integrity, and respect, to bring you my skills and knowledge of the Real Estate Business.  Together we can achieve success for you, the client.  You are who and what matters to me while listing, searching, helping and answering questions.  Real Estate moves me, the possibilities each property has is extraordinary and  I have

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By Mike Rosenberg

 A new survey found 71 percent of Washington adults think a housing bubble is coming. New York, Florida and California residents were the next most likely to fear a housing bubble.

The biggest concern we here from buyers, sellers and even many agents in this market right now is,  “bubble.”

Home owners and long term residence still vividly remember the 2007 crash that lasted well into 2011. For buyers many see bidding wars on almost every property, and home owners nervously watch the prices ticking up and wonder;  "How much longer can this go on?”

Now a new national survey finds that 71 percent of adults across Washington are worried about a housing bubble and think prices are overvalued and unsustainable. That’s the

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